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Things to Consider When Decorating a Pet-Friendly Home

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Whether you’ve just purchased your first home or are renting an apartment, having a pet brings warmth and companionship to any living space. On top of the additional responsibilities that come with owning a pet, creating a comfortable space for you and your pet can be difficult. If you’re struggling to create a cohesive space that keeps you and your furry friend happy, we’ve got you covered!

Protect Your Furniture and Flooring

When selecting furniture, flooring or fabrics, look for materials that can withstand the rigors of everyday pet life. Water-resistant laminate and porcelain tile floors are more resilient to scratches and accidents than easily damaged materials like hardwood or carpet. Avoid breezy fabrics with loose weaves like linen or rattan, as they can catch your pet’s claws. Don’t forget washable and stain-resistant fabrics!

Keep a Clean Home

Dog and cat owners can usually expect to see more hair floating about their homes e. If you have either, you’ll likely need to sweep, vacuum and dust more often, especially with long-haired animals. Utilize lint rollers to remove pet hair from clothes and furniture, or invest in a cordless vacuum cleaner with multiple attachment options. Routine grooming can help to minimize shedding and keep your pet squeaky clean.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

If you allow your pet to lounge on furniture, explore designs that make relaxation easy. Low-profile furniture with a sturdy base may be more accommodating to smaller or older pets. If your pet tends to get the “zoomies,” consider purchasing pieces with rounded corners to reduce the chance of injury.

Create a Dedicated Pet Zone

Just like us, pets need a space they can claim as their own. Have an empty corner you’re not sure how to use? Add your pet’s bed or playpen and a few of their favorite toys for the coziest spot to relax.

Safely Display Fragile or Sentimental Decor

Our pets can be rather curious, especially when it comes to our home decor. Vases, sculptures and other decor items can be tempting for your pet, so keep breakable objects out of their reach. Wall-mounted shelves are a great alternative for storing your decor and trinkets.

Be Mindful of Houseplants

Although houseplants do wonders for your interior design, there are a number of species that aren’t safe for a pet-filled home. While fake plants are perfectly safe, they aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing piece of decor. If you’re shopping for live plants, be sure to double-check the species and its toxicity before you take it home.

Pet-Proof Doors and Windows

Keep your pets within the safety of your home by securing windows and doors. This is especially important for windows within a multi-storied home, as your pet could get stuck in a tough location or fall. If your pet enjoys looking outside, consider installing a storm door. Storm doors can be customized for full visibility, so your pet can still see outside without the risk of escape.

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