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Here at Window World of Akron, we are all about going green! Last month we discussed how going green can benefit both your health, and your wallet. One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways to go green is by switching to homemade cleaning solutions, such as laundry detergent and bathroom cleaning solution, that can be made with ingredients you likely already have in your cabinets. This simple switch can save you a whopping $22.10 a month, which adds up to $265.00 a year! Not only will you save more than $200, but you will also rid your home of the harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in everyday household cleaners.

But the savings don’t have to stop there! Year over year, it becomes easier and more convenient to reduce your carbon footprint and make the transition to an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. As more companies offer green alternatives, and DIY green solutions pop up all over the World Wide Web, going green takes minimal effort. From solar-powered electricity and energy-efficient windows, to fabrics made of recycled plastic and repurposed wood products, the possibilities for going green are almost endless! But you may be wondering, why go green?

  • They keep the air that you breathe clean. Exposure to noxious substances found in chemically-produced solutions can lead to health problems such as asthma.
  • They’re safer around children. Many toxins can cause chemical burns and, according to a study done at Tufts Medical Center, disinfectants in household cleaners may contribute to drug-resistant bacteria.
  • They’re affordable and eco-friendly. Many recipes can be made in under a minute, and will cost you approximately $2.50 a month in total.
  • They don’t harm the environment. Eco-friendly products may keep contaminates out of our soil, waterways, and help make a positive impact on our ozone depletion.

Even the smallest of lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on the environment over time. Consider how much you could reduce your plastic use (and save money!) just by switching from “disposable” bottled water to a reusable water bottle. At Window World of Akron we are committed to leading a green life, and encourage our customers to do the same! Are you ready to go green? Start by replacing your windows with energy efficient windows and watch the savings roll in!


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