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Backyard Birds You May See from Your Window

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Whether you have a beautiful backyard garden or a simple window-mounted bird feeder, if you spend a lot of time in your home, spotting birds in your yard can be a wonderful treat. Birdwatching has been an established hobby since conservationists established it in the late 19th century, but it’s likely humans have been enjoying watching birds wing around and sing for our entire existence. Join in on this long tradition and learn more about the birds you may see in your Ohio backyard through your Window World windows

Does the Time of Year Matter for Birdwatching? 

The time of year absolutely impacts what sort of birds you’ll see flitting around your yard. Bird migratory patterns mean that many types of birds don’t spend the full year in any one place. However, some do, and you’ll spot some birds year-round in your yard. Let’s get started on your birdwatching journey with a quick overview of some birds you’ll likely see outside your home. 

Birds You’ll See Year-Round in Ohio

We’ll lay out details about the ten most common birds you may see in your Akron backyard below, but for now, here’s some birds that reside in Ohio all year long: 

Birds You’ll Find in the Summer

During the more temperate summer months in Ohio, you’ll spot plenty of birds who spend a few months in the sun. Some common birds include:

Birds You’ll Find in the Winter

There are just two types of migratory birds who are likely to spend their winters in Ohio: the dark-eyed junco and white-throated sparrows. 

red and orange bird with a yellow beak sitting on a branch

Ten Most Common Birds You’ll Find in Your Akron, OH Backyard

You may recognize some of these names from the lists above. These birds are some of the more likely sights you’ll see if you make your yard a bird-friendly paradise with plenty of seeds, a birdbath and plant life. 

  1. Northern Cardinal

You’re likely to recognize male northern cardinals: they’re got the classic red feathers you’re familiar with. Female northern cardinals are a little more subtle, but they’ve got the same reddish beak as their male counterparts. 

  1. American Robin

You’ll hear the american robin before you see it, with their cheerful song. Once you’ve spotted them, with their sweetly orange chest, you’ll be glad to see this early-rising bird. That’s right: they’re most likely to be seen early in the morning.

  1. Blue Jay

A songbird with stunning coloring, blue jays are easy to spot with their black, white and dramatically blue plumage. They’re noisy birds too, so you’ll definitely know if a blue jay has taken a liking to your bird feeder’s offerings. 

  1. Mourning Dove

This light brown and white bird has a small head with a charmingly graceful body. Their song is how they earned their name: the soft call is sad, like a lament. 

  1. Song Sparrow

Sparrows are small birds, but song sparrows are medium-sized for their breed. They have a brown and white streaked feathering pattern, and you’re likely to hear them singing from small trees in your yard. 

  1. American Goldfinch

Male goldfinches are a bright ball of electric yellow and black, making them very easy to spot, but females are a duller brown shade. Their lovely coloring has recognition nationwide, as they’re the state birds of Washington, Iowa and New Jersey. 

  1. Downy Woodpecker

These are smaller woodpeckers than you may be expecting to encounter, with the blocky head and straight posture against tree trunks that gives them away. They’re black and white, with an almost checkered pattern on their wings. 

  1. Red-bellied Woodpecker

These birds are redheads, with a wide stripe of red feathers capping their heads amidst an otherwise pale belly. Like most woodpeckers, they have a black and white striped back. You’ll find them flitting between trees like oak and hickory to your backyard feeders. 

  1. Red-winged Blackbird

As the name suggests, male red-winged blackbirds have a shocking swoop of red bordered in yellow at their shoulders. This makes them very easily identifiable, though females are streaked with dark brown and have paler markings. 

  1. European Starling

These lovely songbirds have a reputation for traveling in flocks, so if you spot one, you’ll likely have several more nearby. They’re more likely to be spotted in towns as opposed to more rural environments, so you may see them zigzagging across your lawn if you live in Akron proper. 

blue and white bird on a branch in a pink flowering tree

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